Client: Egyptian Museum

Piramid tunnel , first-person camera on a digital watch: 06.58 pm. We are running.

O: "Only 2 minutes!"


BOOOM! a big explosion in front of us, from the dust come out the pharaon tomb. 


O: "Finally mine, Khufu!"


We walk inside through the explosion debris. In the centre of the royal room, there is a big and high Anubi statue, under a cut light the tomb of Kufu.

Suddnely a lot of mummies come out from the sides. They are walking to us saying repeatedly: 



We start to shot with our 2 guns, screaming:


O:" You! bloody! go away! shitter walking papers!"



Switch off sound and all is black.

We are now in a museum room. On a sign we can read: 

Have an Adventure on the Cheope Pyramid and Find the Kufu Tomb Lost.

Orietta, a little old lady, has wii commannds and VR glasses in her hands and watch with regret the big guard in front of her. He is holding a plug.


Guard: "Lady Pozzi, insult mummies is totally useless. If they say T-i-im-e-o-v-e-r, it means game time is over, and we are..."


Orietta: "closing museum...but I've finally found Kufu Tomb! was there! in front of me! I just need 2 seconds more!"


Guard: "I'm sure you succeed tomorrow too"


Orietta, give all VR tools to the guard and start to walks away. Slowly, very, slowly.

Guard: " Good evening my lady Orietta"




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